Firming Peptide Facial - Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. Infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm luminous glow. (Also available in series for extra savings)

Clarifying Facial -This treatment provide a thorough cleansing, removing any pore clogging sebum. Includes enzyme, extractions, masque and LED Light Therapy. The skin will be left feeling invigorated and clean. (Also available in series for extra savings)

♾ Oxygen Rx Facial - Oxygen is essential to keep skin looking young and healthy. The Oxygen Rx facial is formulated to deliver oxygen to the skin minimizing risk of free radical damage. The Oxygen Rx treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant brightening and the end result is clear and luminous skin. (Also available in series for extra savings)

♾ Swich Facial Treatment - The Swich Dermal Rejuvenation System is a unique alternative to chemical peels that redefines how we treat age-damaged skin. Swich takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism to help restore the skin’s optimum appearance without injury to the skin. Reverse the signs of aging today and Swich your skins ability to repair itself from the inside out.

♾ Gentleman's Facial  - Skin care isn’t just for the ladies! This treatment effectively addresses the skin care concerns of men. Invigorating the skin with an effective exfoliation, extractions, powerful anti-aging ingredients and a hydrating mask. This treatment will revitalize, refresh and improve the health and appearance of men’s skin.

Teen Facial - Give young skin the support it needs with a facial that is designed to address the hormonal challenges of this age group. This facial includes a deep pore cleanse, an enzyme exfoliation to clarify acneic skin, followed by a soothing green tea mask to pull out impurities and brighten the surface. FOR AGES 13-17 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT

Dermaplaning Facial - A safe exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the epidermis leaving your skin luminous and soft! Includes enzyme, custom masque, moisturizer and SPF.  Tip: Dermaplaning should NOT be done if you are having active break outs or cystic acne. Your esty is allowed to decline the service if it is not right for your skin

Express Facial - The express facial is for those on the go. This effective treatment cleanses, tones, and exfoliates the skin. Leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. *Does not include extractions. 30 MINUTES


Add On Treatments

Enzyme Treatments  - These treatments detoxify, rebalance and exfoliate the skin leaving behind the healthy tissue that leaves you glowing with no downtime. Enzyme treatments can be added on to any facial service or be done as a separate service, working best when done in a series.

360 Caffeine Eye Treatment - Caffeine Eye Lift collagen is a complete concentrated treatment. It dramatically transforms the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles with a single application. Features scientifically formulated ingredients to lift and firm the upper eyelid area. It works on tightening the 360-degree orbital rim of the eye while smoothing out creases and improving the appearance of dark circles.

Plump your Pout Lip Mask - Hydrating lip mask for those who want fuller, softer, kissable lips. Great add-on service while getting your lashes done!!

♾ Lip Treatment - Exfoliating and Hydrating lip treatment is perfect for those with dry lips that are looking for smoother, softer lips. 

LED Light Therapy - LED light therapy can be used to help even out your skin tones, minimize fine lines and help to reduce acne. For maximum results multiple treatments are recommended, 15 minute add-on per treatment. 

♾ AHA Boost - AHA helps with dry damaged skin. It will also help t reduce the signs of aging by helping to  minimize fine lines/wrinkles. 

♾ Hand Treatment - This treatment is great way to help hydrate your hands and help minimize signs of aging on the hands.


♾ Classic Lashes - Great for clients with a lot of natural lashes. A single extension is applied to each natural lash. We utilize multiple lengths, curls and thickness to enhance your lashes while protecting theIr overall health.

♾ Volume Lashes  - This is a great option for those who have very few natural lashes or those wanting a fuller more dramatic look. Fans containing multiple lashes are attached to the natural lash to give a fuller and fluffier overall look.

♾ Hybrid Lashes - This is great option for those that want a fuller look, but still want to remain natural. We use a combination of classic individual lashes and fans of volume lashes.


- Eyebrows

- Upper Lip

- Chin

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